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Dock Shelters

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 Retractable Dock Shelter    Retractable Dock Shelter Features: The Retractable Dock Shelter fits up to a 120″W x 120″H door. Independent spring loaded scissors mechanism allows she
Dock Shelters

Dock Shelters Dock Shelters Features: For use with doors up to 10’W x 10’H. Reduces oversized doors to match truck opening. Long wear Vestex V-42 fabric is highly resistant to abrasion an
Dock SealShelter Combinations

Dock Seal/Shelter Combinations   Dock Seal/Shelter Combinations Features:   For use with an 8’W x 10’H door. Top (header) is constructed of wolmanized lumber and is built with a

RC200 Series Inflatable Rail   The RC 200 series inflatable rail shelter is designed to maximize the tightest possible seal between the rail car and dock door. These 3 or 4 sided inflatable shelt

RC300 Series Flexible Frame Rail The RC 300 series flexible steel frame rail shelter provides a weather protected enclosure between the rail car and dock door. In the extended position, spring tensi
TC1000 Series Weather Sentry™

TC1000 Series Weather Sentry™   The TC1000 series Weather Sentry™ rain diverting system is the ultimate answer to water infiltration at the dock. Either as a complete unit when combined with

Dock Shelters from Industrial Manlifts are designed to help protect the Loading Dock and assets. We can customize. For further information Please call (888)730-8377