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Pylon Stand

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Pylon stands for aircrafts

A pylon stand offers a unique maintenance solution providing easy access to pylons and cowling on the aircraft.

Pylon is a vertical structure which helps mount external equipment, including engines. These are designed according to the aircraft needs and in a way that perfectly fits the interior configuration.

Access to this suspension structure is essential for routine tasks. Maintenance, inspections, troubleshooting, and replacements all require easy access. That’s where our high performance pylon stands come into play.

The stand offers an easy solution to avert slip and fall risks. It minimizes the risk of falling while saving climbing time. Pylon stands also offer greater flexibility, allowing the crew and aircraft engineers to roll between platforms.

Most of the models are designed with aluminum to reduce the weight and offer safe and comfortable maneuvering. Handrails are employed for fall protection. Its high density rubber bumpers further improve aircraft protection.

These stands provide unlimited access to the wings, yon and empennage. Some models offer a stable footrest for personnel, maintaining and replacing different equipment.

You can find a range of pylon stands and other aircraft maintenance platforms in our product catalogue. Browse through our selection to find the equipment that fulfills all your maintenance needs.

If you can’t find the right model, we’ll design it for you! Industrial Man Lifts provide you full customization options and assists you throughout the manufacturing process. Call us at (888) 730-8377 and get in touch with our team. Or, request a custom quote directly.

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