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Easy access with retractable ladders

Industrial aerial access solutions required by your facility will vary depending on routine operations. You may need a number of lifts, ladders and other access equipment.
Retractable versions are particularly designed to offer ease of access. These ladders are compact and space savvy, allowing you to install the ladder without compromising on the maneuvering space.

You can find a variety of models of collapsible escape and access ladder. They are widely used in industries, helping managers and staff quickly access spaces at higher altitudes. From routine operations to heavy duty tasks, retractable ladders are perfect for handling majority of tasks.
At Industrial Man Lifts, we ensure that all our aerial access equipment is constructed and quality tested according to set standards. You can find the finest retractable designs in our catalogue.

Varying in size and material of construction, you can find the correct retractable solution for your facility. Upon collapsing, these ladders look like drainpipes. They won’t interfere with the aesthetics of your building, or allow unauthorized access.

We have a line of retractable solutions that you can order for your facility. We also allow you to customize certain models or order fully customized equipment. Our engineers work with you to help you design a compact ladder, incorporating specifications required by your facility.

Industrial Man Lifts offers complete aerial access solutions for all your industrial needs. Browse our product catalogue to find a suitable ladder for your operations. Contact us at (727) 490-8839 to order a customized ladder.

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