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Gimbal Install Removal Device

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Gimbal Install Removal Device [GIRD]

 One of the unique aspects of helicopter maintenance is to make sure the camera equipment which may be installed is properly cared for on a routine basis. The Gimbal install removal device, or GIRD, is designed to work with almost all Gimball cameras and offers you the opportunity for a single worker to perform the installation or removal of the camera to the helicopter or aircraft.

Gimbal cameras offer you some of the best aerial pictures that can be obtained with current technologies. No matter what your industry may be, a GIRD will help you make sure your cameras are properly installed and maintained when equipped to your helicopter.

How does the GIRD work? The design is creatively unique. It involves a lifting jack, a rotational ride plate, safety straps, X/Y access movement, and is controlled by a rotating pump handle. This allows you to specifically position the Gimbal camera so that it can be properly mounted or to provide the camera with the support needed to remove it from its installation point.

Not only do you receive a minimized level of work load intensity, but you also reduce the risks of unintentionally damaging your Gimbal camera while providing it and the helicopter the maintenance services which may be required. This allows you to have reliable results every time you need to take aerial images. You can know with some certainty that your camera will perform as expected because it has been properly mounted thanks to the Gimball install removed device.

If you haven’t been using a GIRD for your Gimbal camera, then it’s time to discover the value this investment can provide you today. This one investment does more than just provide you with a certain peace of mind. It also provides you with reliable results every time you take to the air.

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