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Stock Picking Ladders

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Dual Track Caged Ladder

The Dual Side Track Caged Ladder provides safe, convenient access to tall rack shelving in high traffic areas. Dual Side Trak Ladders typically use up to 50% less aisle space than free standing ladder
Stockpicking Ladder

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Stockpicking Ladders can also be used as carrying carts I Industrial Manlifts (888) 730-8377
Lift Table Ladder

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The Lift Table Ladder provides powered retrieval and/or stocking at fixed shelving heights. Commonly used in Home Center stores for retrieving paint cans, the primary purpose is to handle dense items
Folding Rolling Ladder

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The Folding Rolling Ladder, Series 6500, disassembles easily and folds into itself for easy transportation or storage. The rear casters are 10″ diameter semi-pneumatic wheels. The front end res
power stocker man lift

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Power Stocker Lift Power Stocker Lift Features: Ground entry. Manually propelled, Hydraulic Order Picker. Small foot print 30″ wide X 50″ long won’t block aisles and easy to maneuve
Stock Picking Ladder

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Stock Picking Ladder Our Stock Picking Ladder combines the benefits of a rolling safety ladder and a stock picking cart. Stock Picking Ladder Specifications: 24″ wide steps, choice of 14″

Accessing your inventory to fulfill an order shouldn’t be a safety adventure. With the best stock picking ladders as part of your equipment assets, you can quickly and safely grab the products needed to make your customers happy.

Stock picking rolling ladders are the most economical solution for many brands and businesses. With just one ladder, you can easily access all of your inventory on your shelving within the same building. Just push the ladder into place, climb to the top platform, and safety pick the inventory that has been sold or needs processing.

Besides the stock picking rolling ladder, we offer a number of different picking ladders with unique designs that could meet other specific needs.

  • Lift table ladders make it easier to handle large or heavy inventory that needs to be picked.
  • Dual-side track caged picking ladders add another element of safety by providing another level set of bars at the platform to prevent accidental leaning injuries. This design allows for movement underneath the ladder as well, which the standard stock picking ladder does not permit.
  • Folding rolling ladders allow you to quickly access the stock you need to pick without taking up a lot of space, though you lose the under-stair shelving for product storage or movement with this design.

At Industrial Manlifts, we also offer power stocker lifts in addition to our high quality stock picking ladders so you can tackle the toughest jobs with ease. Every item meets or exceeds current published government safety standards and we can also customize each picking ladder according to your specifications.

If you have product fulfillment needs, then the best stock picking ladders will help you complete your duties quickly, safely, and effectively. Let our team know what your requirements happen to be and we’ll find or design a picking ladder that is perfect for your situation.

Industrial Manlifts offers Stock Picking Ladders. We can customize our Stock Picking Ladders according to your specifications. Please call (888) 730-8377.