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Retractable Dock Shelter

 Retractable Dock Shelter


 Retractable Dock Shelter Features:

The Retractable Dock Shelter fits up to a 120"W x 120"H door. Independent spring loaded scissors mechanism allows shelter to retract with the trailer keeping the shelter square. The design also eliminates the need for rigid steel guide protectors. Overall size 132"W x 126"H x 24" projection.

The 40 ounce reinforced vinyl flaps close the opening down to 90" x 90". The 36" header curtain has armor pleats for extended wear. Shelter is black with aluminum edge trim



Dock Shelter Options

Model Number

D-FHPFS Full height pleats, full height guide stripes
D-FHPS Full height pleats, standard guide (24" high)
D-AP Armor pleats, top 24" only
D-54OZ 54 ounce material - face only
D-18H 18" header
D-SV Sloped verticals
D-BBF Bottom Bun
D-BBFB Bottom bun with bumpers
D-GS Full height guide stripes
D-12F 12" flap
D-SIDE Dock seal sides between 97" and 120"
D-KIT Repair kit.  Includes: (2-Pcs.Of 18oz Vinyl 12"x36"; 2-Pcs Of 18oz Vinyl 12"x24"; 2-Pcs.Of 18oz Vinyl 12"x12"; 1 Can Of Glue)

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