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TC500 Series Flexible Wood Frame

TC500 Series Flexible Wood Frame

The TC 500 series flexible wood frame shelter services a wide variety of vehicle sizes and types, while providing full unimpeded access to the interior of the trailer. The flexible frame yields to misguided vehicles and aids in the prevention of costly building and shelter damage. If an off-center trailer contacts the frame it moves upwards and back to prevent potential damage to the wall and/or shelter. After the vehicle leaves the steep pipe and track design returns the frame to its original position. The top is raked to promote drainage and top and sides are covered with a translucent fabric to protect from the elements and permit light to enter. Covered foam bottom pads are standard.



TC510 — 22 oz. Vinyl ---- Light usage
TC530 — 16 oz. Hypalon ---- Light usage


  • Standard unit is 10’ wide x 10-6’ high x 18” projection with 36” curtain drop for 8’W x 10’H opening
  • Head curtain is split with touch and hold and has overlapping wear pleats each side
  • Side curtains have closed cell neoprene sealing edge with reinforced 2 ply bottom panel
  • Galvanized steel pipe arms mount to 2x12 wood back frame work and have trolley & track assembly
  • 22 oz. vinyl base fabric
  • One pair of covered foam bottom pads
  • Requires minimum 6” dock bumper to protect shelter and maintain maximum 12” penetration
  • 7’0” between side panels at face

TC500 Series Flexible Wood Frame Features:

  • Frame work of double kiln dried pressure treated lumber at rear & galvanized steel pipe framing with trolley and track assembly top and bottom. Raked header for drainage
  • Flexible translucent covering provides protection from the elements & admits light
  • Split 36” drop head curtain with touch and hold
  • Durapleat®(s) on the outer upper edge of side curtains protect against tears
  • Provides full unimpeded access to the interior of the trailer
  • Yellow guide stripes to assist positioning of trailers
  • Two covered foam bottom pads help prevent air flow into the loading dock area



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