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Vertical Mast Lifts

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Star20 Vertical Mast Lift

Star20 Vertical Mast Lift   Go everywhere Precision driving and smooth controls Easy access to the platform: dedicated anti-slip step and walkable plinth Agile machine with mobile pothole protec
DVML-18 Drivable Vertical Mast Lift

DVML-18 Drivable Vertical Mast Lift Easy Operating Controls 42″ handrails for additional safety Numerous safety features including a Manual Lowering Valve, Emergency Stop Button, and Automatic
Star13P Electric Vertical Mast Lift

The Star 13P Electric Vertical Mast Lift is ideally suited for stock picking. Industrial Manlifts (888)730-8377
Star 26 J Mast Lift

100 In Stock
 STAR 22J/26J Vertical Mast Man Lift Specifications: 397-500 lbs. capacity 28′ 2″ to 32′ 3″ working height 15 ft 7 in up and over clearance Zero tail swing* (6 inch tail sw

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JLG Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of vertical lift equipment in the world today. When you make the investment into a JLG man lift, you’re eliminating the need to have ladders or sca
LiteRiser 10 SP Vertical Mast Lift

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LITERISER 10 SP Vertical Mast Lift The LiteRiser 10 SP Mast Lift is part of the range of aerial work platforms / electrical mast lifts for people and material lifting. Ideally suited for maint

The Many Benefits of a Vertical Mast Lift

 When workers have access to a vertical mast lift, then no job is really out of reach. As an aerial work platform, this type of lift does have certain benefits which other lifts are unable to provide. Although a vertical mast lift is usually the smallest of the aerial work platforms you'll find at any given job site, it is also the most versatile one.

Do your workers face any of these challenges on a regular basis?

  • High aerial jobs, projects, or repairs that are in very tight or confined areas?
  • Jobs that require a high level of mobility, including the need to rotate while up in the air?
  • Surfaces that are sloped at 45 degrees or more at heights of 20 feet or more?

Then if you don't own a vertical mast lift, your workers might not be as productive as they could be. There is a wide variety of lift  sizing options so you can meet your specific needs right now. Electric mast lifts work well in warehouses, retail environments, aircraft repairs, and other situations where safety and control are absolutely required.

Once the job has been completed, you also get to take advantage of the compact design of the vertical mast lift. These lifts are quite small, which means they are highly portable and easy to store. If you're not using the lift for the day, it isn't going to leave an obtrusive mark in your storage area that is difficult for workers to navigate.

Use this type of lift to replace stairs, ladders, or portable podiums that may be being used to provide worker access right now. A vertical mast lift can even work around obstacles that a scissors lift is unable to allow.

Vertical mast lifts come in many different shapes and sizes, so finding the one lift which meets a majority of your needs is essential to making the most out of this investment. Contact us today to discuss your project needs and together we'll find the lift that works best for you.