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Aircraft Enclosures

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Aircraft Enclosures

 Have you ever had to service an aircraft in the driving rain? Or had to have your maintenance personnel melting in the hot sun as the warmth reflected off of the extensive concrete tarmac? The best aircraft enclosures are often marketed as a method of protecting helicopters and small aircraft from the elements when you don’t have a hangar available, but it is a much more useful tool than this.

Aircraft enclosures are just as important as some of your other GSE options that may be available right now. When properly setup, they can give your workers an extra level of protection from the elements as well, giving them a chance to work with confidence instead of paying more attention to the environmental elements which may be surrounding them.

Your CAM features the canopy, receiver sleeve with tie-downs built-in, and a storage bag for safekeeping. Full enclosure system kits are available for 3-bladed and 4-bladed systems right now with the number of quadrants you require for proper maintenance.

Military and civilian air frames are available. Contact us about your aircraft and if we don’t have a CAM in stock for it, we can provide you with a competitively priced customized solution.

 Aircraft enclosures are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They protect your aircraft from the elements and help your maintenance personnel be able to work with confidence. When your aircraft requires service, don’t let the environment dictate how productive you can be. Choose the enclosure that meets your needs or allow us the privilege of customizing one for you today and you’ll be able to start maximizing your efficiencies right away.

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