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Dock Seals

Dependable Dock Seals

 What are dock seals? They are pads, often made from foam, that become compressed when a trailer backs into your loading dock. Once the trailer is properly positioned for loading or unloading, dock seals that have been properly installed will act as a gasket. The three sides of the trailer creates an enclosure which can maintain your working environment more effectively.

The problem with may dock seals is that they encounter a high level of wear and tear on a daily basis. This is especially true if you are receiving several trailers throughout the day on a consistent basis. The foam and fabric, which are the primary components of the seal, can be damaged by incorrect parking or other work site impediments that can then impact your levels of productivity.

That’s why it is so important to look for these features if you’re looking to install a dependable dock seal at your location.

  • Friction resistance. Trailers must create friction with the dock seal in order for it to operate as a gasket. You need a product which can withstand the levels of exposure you receive at your dock on a daily basis.
  • With side foam pads that are shaped like an “L,” you receive more flexibility with the seal when a truck backs in because they can form an effective seal while minimizing wear and tear to the other seal components.
  • Without a proper seal, you won’t be able to maximize your environmental energy efficiencies. Any gaps within the seal that form because of a lack of strength will present some level of cost to your bottom line.

 Dependable dock seals are a long-term solution, even when you are performing at a high capacity level. Start saving money by eliminating energy loss by investing into a high quality seal today and you will discover how much value this simple, yet effective technology can provide.

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