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Dock Ladders That Meet All of Your Needs

 Sometimes you’ve just got to go back to basics. Some of the most elaborate equipment and support setups fail because the quality of one basic component was overlooked. Lift ladders and docks are an essential combination that increases movement and safety factors while keeping prices down for your organization.

Dock ladders provide you with the proper footing, strength, and placement you need. Most ladders should extend at least two rungs into the water for best results. Although the average dock sits about 18 inches above the water, it is still important to measure your exact dock placement so the ladder isn’t too short or too long.

How Long Should a Dock Ladder Be?

There is some benefit to having a dock ladder extend to three or four rungs in the water in certain situations. Here are some specific situations you might face where having a dock ladder with some added length could be to your benefit.

  • When you want to make it easier to climb out of the water.
  • When there are heavy items being transported up and down the ladder frequently.
  • When the ladder is installed at a location where there is deeper water.

A dock ladder with extra length can be highly beneficial. A dock ladder with too much length, however, can create an unsafe situation for anyone using the equipment.
That’s why the best lift ladders and docks will give you a solution that is strong enough for consistent commercial use, yet still work for residential solutions so that you only need to make one investment. Look for a ladder which has a strong mount for the best possible support so there aren’t any unpleasant surprises when someone is coming out of the water.
Most dock ladders tend to look about the same when they are installed, but the right equipment will support you whether you weight 150 lbs or 350 lbs. Never settle for a ladder made from inferior quality materials. Contact us today about your location and needs and we’ll be happy to find a solution that will suit your needs.

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