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Small Scissor Lifts

Small Scissor Lifts offer big opportunities

Scissor lifts are widely used for high-altitude operations. The mini size or the so-called small scissor lifts are mostly used indoors and are usually operated through electric motors.

These are structured similar to their larger counterparts, offering a stable platform surrounded by railings. The elevation height offered by these lifts directly correlates with their size.

Why use a small scissor lift?
Because, ladders can be unsafe in most environments. Also, they are easy to maneuver, especially the mechanical variants.
With their compact design, small scissor lifts offer high mobility and efficiency. These lifts are suitable for conducting a number of operations at different heights. They will be useful around the factory, equipping you with an easy to operate platform.

Small scissor lifts come handy for routine maintenance tasks and for light duty operations at variable heights.

Where to buy them?
Simple in design, compact in style and highly efficient indoors, these scissor lifts help you accomplish a lot around the facility.

We have a growing list of products, ready to be shipped to your facility. Browse different designs of small scissor lifts and find the version that fits your needs best.

Then, proceed to ordering. We also provide custom lifts and ladders. You can request a quote for a customized design too!
Industrial Man Lifts is your go-to provider of aerial access solutions. We can help you customize equipment for your facility. Call now (727) 490-8839 to get in touch with us!

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