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The best folding ladders are useful in a wide variety of situations. Whether you’re picking stock or grabbing some office supplies from the top shelf, personnel can safely climb these ladders to get what is needed. Then, when the folding ladder is not being used, it can be stored out of the way so that you’re not stuck with people tripping over it.

At Industrial Manlifts, we offer a number of folding ladder designs to meet your needs. We offer rolling ladders, mezzanine ladders, fold-and-store options, and lock-and-stock ladders for your convenience. Each ladder meets or exceeds current safety standards and can be customized to meet a specific need you may have.

The benefits of having a folding platform ladder are clear.

  • Improved Safety. These ladders hold more weight than a standard ladder, can come with skid-resistant steps, and provide stability without the need for a spotter to be present.
  • Better Portability.A folding accessing platform like these ladders can be carried by an individual and used virtually anywhere. They are lightweight, fold into a compact area for easy movement, and provide access in a worry-free way.
  • Enhanced Versatility.You can use the best folding ladders for everything from janitorial work to warehouse inventory picking. These ladders stand on their own and provide a meaningful platform of access.

Your environment may dictate the type of folding platform ladder you choose to purchase. The ladder must be of the right height, be able to support the right amount of weight, and be able to stand on its own in the environment you have. With several designs available right now, we are confident that you’ll find the equipment you need today.

You don’t need to settle for limited or unsafe access any more. Our team is standing by right now to answer any questions you may have.

Industrial Manlifts supplies Folding Ladders that are OSHA compliant.Our folding ladders are light-weight and customized to your needs.Please call (888)730-8377

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