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Custom Work Platforms

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High Travel Personnel Work Platform Lifts

High Travel Personnel Work Platform Lifts     Durability and Quality Joints, the most critical wear points in the lift, feature chrome-plated, 100,000 psi, ultimate-strength pins for premiu
Dual Vertical Ram Lift

Dual Vertical Ram Lift     Durability and Quality Precision-built steel ram plungers are polished to a mirror-finish and each bearing is fitted individually to the ram, creating a wear-proo
B737 Fuselage Docking System

B737 Fuselage Docking System B737 Fuselage Docking System Features:  B737 Fuselage Docking System Please contact Industrial Manlifts for specifications and RFQ’s.  Industrial Man Lifts is yo
Mobile Work Platform

100 In Stock
Mobile Work Platforms provide a secure workspace at a variety of heights I Industrial Manlifts (888) 730-8377
Two-Step Access Platforms

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Two-Step Access Platform is easily movable with a capacity of up to 500lbs I Industrial Manlifts (888) 730-8377
Custom Work Platform

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Custom Work Platforms allow you to choose the style, height, and configuration that perfectly meet your commercial or industrial applications I Industrial Manlifts (888) 730-8377

Custom work platforms can provide a benefit to numerous industries. Each has the potential to meet the unique needs that your job site or workplace may offer. Our skilled manufacturing networks can help you to design a platform that meets the specific needs of your environment, no matter what your industry may be.

Our custom work platforms benefit the aviation industry, have military applications, and help to maintenance equipment in variety of environments. Every custom access solution is built in accordance to your specific requirements and meets all current government safety standards, including OSHA and ANSI published requirements.

There are several advantages that can be provided by Industrial Manlifts for your custom work platforms.

  • We accept custom work platform orders of any size. There is never a project that is too large or too small for our team to handle.
  • Numerous options can be included with your custom work platform, allowing your final product to meet whatever needs you may have. This includes tread options, improved casters, height adjustments, and other features that can meet your complex requirements.
  • Various material types are available to select, including aluminum and non-metallic components.

Choosing steel for a custom work platform is always a good option, but steel can be heavy and difficult to use in certain circumstances. If you need a platform that will withstand corrosive environments, then we highly recommend stainless steel or aluminum so you don’t have to worry about damage occurring to the finish of your customized platform.

Our custom work platforms offer various assembly options, bumper options, and numerous accessories so that any foreseeable need can be met right now. Together we can design the access you need. Talk to our team today or submit your request for quote and we’ll get started on the process of getting you the custom platform you need.

Industrial Manlifts supplies custom work platforms that are OSHA compliant and designed for efficiency. For further information please call (888)730-8377