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Compact Scissor Lift Table

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DXS Series Compact Scissor Lift Table are high-performance, industrial-duty lifts featuring a smaller footprint than standard lifts while offering a full 2,000 lbs. of lifting capacity.

DXS Series Compact Scissor Lift Table are high-performance, industrial-duty lifts featuring a smaller footprint than standard lifts while offering a full 2,000 lbs. of lifting capacity. The DXS Series Compact Scissor Lifts are ideal for a wide variety of work positioning, assembly, repair and inspection applications in factories, warehouses, retail stores, repair shops and more.

DXS Series Compact Scissor Lift Table feature:

  • Double scissor mechanism allows 6 collapsed height and 42 raised height
  • 2,000 lbs. of lifting capacity
  • Foot switch operates a 1/3 HP motor running on 115/1/60
  • 18 x 30 platform as standard (other platforms, including oversized tops are available)
  • Options and accessories available include casters, push button controls, special platforms, bellows guards, limit switches, and many more


ModelLiftLoweredRaisedStandardMaximumRiseStandardStd Voltage/ Phase/HzShipping
(W x L)(W x L)
DXS30 Series  30″ Travel
DXS30-5500 lbs6-3/4″36-3/4″16 x 24″30 x 36″16 sec1/3 HP115/1/60350 lbs
DXS30-101000 lbs6-3/4″36-3/4″16 x 24″30 x 36″18 sec1/3 HP115/1/60350 lbs
DXS36 Series  36″ Travel
DXS36-101000 lbs7-1/2″43-1/2″24 x 36″36 x 48″40 sec1/2 HP115/1/60460 lbs
DXS36-151500 lbs7-1/2″43-1/2″24 x 36″36 x 48″42 sec1/2 HP115/1/60480 lbs
DXS36-202000 lbs6″44-1/4″18 x 42″ *36 x 54″40 sec1/2 HP115/1/60550 lbs
DXS48 Series — 48€Travel
DXS48-101000 lbs7-1/2″55-1/2″24 x 48″36 x 60″50 sec1/2 HP115/1/60600 lbs
DXS48-151500 lbs7-1/2″55-1/2″24 x 48″36 x 60″54 sec1/2 HP115/1/60650 lbs
DXS48-202000 lbs9-1/2″57-1/2″24 x 40″36 x 54″42 sec1 HP115/1/60800 lbs
DXS48-404000 lbs12″60″30 x 42″48 x 60″16 sec3 HP230, 460/3/601250 lbs
DXS60 Series  60″ Travel
DXS60-202000 lbs12-1/2″76-1/2″24 x 53″42 x 66″16 sec3 HP230, 460/3/601100 lbs
DXS60-404000 lbs14″74″30 x 53″48 x 66″30 sec3 HP230, 460/3/601800 lbs
DXS72 Series  72″ Travel
DXS72-202000 lbs12-1/2″84-1/2″24 x 53″36 x 66″92 sec1 HP230, 460/3/601250 lbs
DXS72-404000 lbs14″86″32 x 57″54 x 72″36 sec3 HP230, 460/3/602000 lbs

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* DXS36-20 is available with a minimum base/platform size of 18″ x 32″ (requires optional remote power unit)

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