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A38E Electric Articulating Boom Lift 1

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A38E Electric Articulating Boom Lift Features: Proportional one-hand controls Minimal front boom overhang Ultra-tight inside turning radius Tilt alarm and cut out Horn Flashing amber light 2 person +
SL26SL SL30SL Speed Level Lift 2

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SL26SL/SL30SL Speed Level Lift SL26SL/SL30SL Speed Level Lift Features: Speed level – automatic powered platform levelling Descent alarm Hour meter Horn Power line to platform Oscillating front
60-S Titan Boom Lift

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Construction Grade 60-S Self-Propelled Boom Lift Up to 66 (20 m) working height Ultra-Deck with 3,000 lb (1350 kg) combined material and personnelcapacity Huge 22 feet x 90 inch (6.7 m x 2.28 m) dec
Titan Boom 40s boom lift

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Construction Grade 40-S Self-Propelled Boom Lift Up to 46€(14 m) working height Ultra-Deck with 4,000 lb (1800 kg) combined material and personnel capacity Huge 22 feet x 90 inch (6.7 m x 2.28 m)
3084ES Electric Scissor Lift

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Construction Grade 3084ES Electric Rough Terrain Speed Level TM Sigma Lift All ELECTRIC rough terrain Up to 36 ft. (11m) working height Fast platform leveling on slopes, automatic or manual select
2684RT Electric Scissor Lift

Construction Grade 2684RT Rough Terrain Speed Level TM Sigma Lift Up to 36 ft. (11m) working height Fast platform leveling on slopes, automatic or manual selection, with an amazing 14º side to side

Boom Lift, Industrial Boom Lifts, Boom Lift Rentals, and Cherry Pickers

 Unlike other forms of lifts, a boom lift is able to move around obstacles that may be present on the job site. Boom lifts provide workers with a flexible aerial lift. Sometimes referred to as a “cherry picker,” these lifts utilize a hydraulic arm that provides an extension to reach some of the tallest heights in our industry today.

You can choose to purchase industrial boom lifts today or you can take advantage of the affordability of boom lift rentals for those one-time jobs that might come your way.

There are two boom lift types that you can think about for your next project.

  • Articulating boom lifts. This type of boom lifts has an arm that bends. This makes it easier for workers to manipulate the lift and bucket around potential obstacles.
  • Telescopic boom lifts. This boom lift option has a straight arm. These lifts are more difficult to operate around obstacles, but they also tend to provide a higher overall weight capacity.

You have multiple height options from which to choose if you’re choosing an industrial boom lift for your next project. Some of the models in this category have the capability of extending workers up to 150 feet. That is nearly triple the height that the best scissor lifts can provide. At the same time, you typically receive better maneuverability than what other lifts are able to offer.

Benefits You Can Experience with a Boom Lift

 Industrial boom lifts are well-suited for almost every industry. Compared to other lift designs, you receive more horizontal and vertical lift options with this equipment option. Telescopic boom lifts have a minimum tailswing, which means you can take your boom lift into a small space and still use it.

Even when looking at today’s best boom lift rentals, you’ll find models that offer a dual-fuel option so you can work indoors when needed or take your equipment outside to get the job done.

Using a cherry picker or another boom lift option won’t compromise your safety either. The buckets on many models are smaller, providing plentiful stability and security options for workers at any time of day. With a lift capacity that exceeds 1,000 pounds on some models, you’ll still be able to get your equipment to where it needs to go so your workers can stay productive.

Rough Terrain and the Modern Industrial Boom Lifts

 Some job sites offer perfectly level concrete or well-groomed and firmly compacted soil. Then there are the unimproved job sites that look like a giant mountain exploded and left boulders and debris everywhere. Rough terrain can take down other lift options, but it won’t take down an industrial boom lift.

Rough terrain lifts are available through our boom lifts rental process or they can be added to your equipment assets.

Whatever your aerial work happens to be, the modern boom lift provides you the safe platform required to make sure your job gets done the right way. Let our team know about your preferred model so we can get this process started for you today.

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