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AMV36 Vertical Mast Aerial Lift

AMV36 vertical mast aerial lift units were designed to operate in narrow aisles and congested plant environments. These self propelled lift platforms offer a combination of high lift, reach, and maneuverability that make them a safe solution for tough industrial overhead maintenance applications. Mast lifts are available with electric power or pneumatic (air) power. DRIVE, LIFT, ROTATE, AND REACH AT UP TO 30 FEET (9.1 Meters) WORKING HEIGHT Model AMV36-20 36 Inches (0.91m) Wide Working Height to 26 Feet (7.92m) Model AMV36-24 36 Inches (0.91m) Wide Working Height to 30 Feet (9.14m) Performance (Average):  Travel Speed (Variable & Controllable) High Speed  2.27 mph (3.65km/hr) High Torque  1.14 mph (1.83km/hr) Elevated  0.68 mph (1.13km/hr) Gradeability  25% Turning Radius Inside  51(1.30m) Outside  102 (2.59m) Platform Lift Speed  0.42 ft/sec (0.13 m/sec) Platform Lower Speed  0.63 ft/sec (0.19 m/sec) Platform Rotation  1 RPM Platform Capacity 500 lbs (226.8kg) Brakes Spring Applied, Pressure Released Options 18(0.46m) Roll Out Platform Extension (Extenda-Deck) Motion Alarm Flashing or Rotating Light Battery Information Four 6-volt Deep Cycle HD245 AHC Batteries with Fully Automatic On-Board Charger (110VAC Power Input) or 24-Volt Industrial Battery/Industrial Charger Compartment Size 32L (0.81m) X 1W (0.36m) X 31h (0.79m) Industrial Man Lifts is your aerial access solution provider. We can customize any product for any size job. Operators always standing by, (888) 730-8377


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