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Miscellaneous Equipment

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Hanging Magnetic Sweepers

Hanging Magnetic Sweepers  Hanging Magnetic Sweepers Features: Hanging Magnetic Sweepers are ideal for cleaning industrial settings, parking lots, and loading areas.  The design is durable, yet lig
Heavy Duty Farm Jacks

 Heavy Duty Farm Jacks  Heavy Duty Farm Jacks Features: Designed to lift, pull and push. Ideal for moving heavy machinery and heavy object. Lifting tractor and 4-wheel drive vehicles, tensioning wi
Mechanical Screw Jacks

 Mechanical Screw Jacks    Mechanical Screw Jacks Features: Acme thread post supports load. No seals to leak. Will not drift down even after an extended period of time.   Mechanical Scr
Mechanical Machinery Jacks

Mechanical Machinery Jacks   Mechanical Machinery Jacks Features: Mechanical Machinery Jacks are good for repairing vehicles, lifting trucks, railway maintenance, construction, mining, and agricu
Commercial Floor Fan

Commercial Floor Fan   Commercial Floor Fan Features: FF-C-20 is a three speed, 1/5 HP, 120 volt (FF-C-12 is a three speed, 1/12 HP), 1 phase, permanently lubricated motor. Rotary type switch. 7
Commercial Direct Drive Blowers

 Commercial Direct Drive Blower    Commercial Direct Drive Blower Features: Two speed, 1/3 HP, 120V, 1 phase, ball bearing motor, permanently lubricated, rocker switch (MB-C-30), 6 foot long co

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