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Miscellaneous Equipment

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Post Guards

Our Post Guards are welded for maximum strength. Industrial Manlifts (888)730-8377
Corner Gard

Corner Gard’s protect office and wall corners. Industrial Manlifts (888)730-8377
Roto Grip Magnets

Roto Grip Magnets   Roto Grip Magnets Features: Effective holding against shear force.  Securely grips heavy parts and will hold hot parts up to 300°F (148°C).  Rotate handle to discharge. &n
Magnetic Easy Lift

 Magnetic Easy Lift    Magnetic Easy Lift Features: Handheld lift grips parts with an easy to use trigger release.  One handed operation.  Permanent magnet in an aluminum housing move parts f
Magnetic Catcher

Magnetic Catcher   Magnetic Catcher Features: Ideal for picking up small metallic objects. To use simply move over objects. To deactivate squeeze lever and the items will be released. Made of a h
Magnetic Lifters

Magnetic Lifters   Magnetic Lifters Features: Pick up sheets of material by use of overhead crane or chain with the permanent Magnetic Lifter. Magnet is activated or deactivated by simply rotatin

From Magnetic Catchers to Floor Fans Miscellaneous Dock Equipment offered by Industrial Manlifts offers a variety of equipment. Please Call (888)730-8377