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Toyota Lift Truck 8000 lbs Capacity 8FGC35U

Toyota Lift Truck 8000 lbs Capacity 8FGC35U

Toyota innovation and engineering come together to set a new standard in the Toyota Lift Truck 8000 lbs Capacity 8FGC35U. Toyota's highly anticipated line of 8-Series large capacity lift trucks were designed like a sumo wrestler,with the essence of being stable and powerful. Toyota engineers used inventive design changes to make the truck more productive and efficient. By reducing emissions and fuel consumption they've created a lift truck that leads the industry in environmental performance.

Toyota Lift Truck 8000 lbs Capacity 8FGC35U Ergonomics:

  • 11.8 diameter two spoke steering wheel provides greater legroom for operator
  • Cowl-mounted hydraulic levers are ergonomically situated for improved operator comfort and unobstructed entry and exit from the right side of the truck
  • 12-inch long dual operator assist grips have been designed to meet the needs of varying operator sizes
  • Low profile front cowl results in enhanced forward visibility and lessens back pain by reducing the need of the operator to lean forward to view load and for tips

Toyota Lift Truck 8000 lbs Capacity 8FGC35U Performance:

  • Toyota's 3.7-liter, 4-cylinder LPG engine is very capable of exceeding the performance demands of the harshest environments by providing the same power as a V6 with improved fuel economy.
  • While increasing power, it reduces fuel consumption up to 20 % compared with previous Toyota models.
  • Diesel engine based cylinder block provides thicker walls to increase durability
  • Distributorless ignition system provides greater reliability.

Toyota Lift Truck 8000 lbs Capacity 8FGC35U Ease of Service:

  • Easy-lift hood with automatic assist damper to provide quick and easy access to engine
  • No-tool floorboard removes in seconds for quicker servicing
  • Brake fluid level check is conveniently mounted on the cowl for quick reference to expedite routine maintenance

Toyota Lift Truck 8000 lbs Capacity 8FGC35U Safety:

  • Toyota SAS monitors key forklift operations, detecting and counteracting instability to help reduce the risk of tip overs
  • When it senses instability, the Active Control Rear Stabilizer locks the rear axle to help prevent lateral tip overs
  • Active Mast Function Controller senses and controls mast angle and rear tilt speed according to the load's height and weight

Toyota Lift Truck 8000 lbs Capacity 8FGC35U Durability:

  • Control Area Network (CAN-bus) communication provides quicker, more reliable control of the truck functions with fewer components.
  • Fully stamped steel side panels are thick to help withstand the harshest environments
  • Moisture-resistant electrical connections are less susceptible to water intrusion and corrosion caused from pressure washing and high moisture environments.
  • Stamped steel engine hood provides maximum durability

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