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All Terrain Pallet Truck

The All Terrain Pallet Truck is lightweight yet strong tubular frame design handles evenly distributed loads. Large wheels allow for movement over most surfaces. Use at construction sites, gravel pits, and nurseries. Features large 16" front pneumatic tires and 10" pneumatic steering wheels.  Individual forks are 4"W x 2"H (4."W on model ALL-T-HD).

Easy to operate with three position handle, UP, DOWN, and NEUTRAL. Optional Tow Bar package allows the All Terrain Pallet Truck to be towed by an ATV or small utility tractor. Designed for pulling in either loaded or unloaded position.

All Terrain Pallet Truck
Model Overall Size (WxLxH) Capacity (lbs) Overall Fork Width Fork Length Service Range Net Weight (lbs)
ALL-T-2 64"x50"x51" 2,000* 9½" to 26" 32" 3" to 9" 410
ALL-T-HD 64"x50"x51" 2,500** 10" to 26-3/4" 32" 3" to 9" 525
ALL-TTB Optional Tow Bar Package 62
* 2,000 lbs. at 12" horizontal load center, 1,500 lbs. at 15" and 1,000 lbs at 24".
** 2,500 lbs. at 12" horizontal load center, 2,000 lbs. at 15" and 1,500 lbs at 24".


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