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All Terrain Gas Powered Traction Drive Pallet Truck

All-terrain pallet truck with gas-powered traction drive system, great for moving heavy loads over rough terrain, features 2000 lbs. or 4000 lbs. capacity @ 18" load center, unit also includes powered fork lift and lower, steel construction for years of dependable use with blue painted finish.

All Terrain Gas Powered Traction Drive Pallet Truck Special Features:

  • Briggs & Stratton 6HP gas-powered engine to power hydrostatic traction drive and fork lift
  • Handle with variable speed forward / reverse control and safety kill switch
  • Hydrostatic transmission with hand-operated, Forward and Reverse control
  • Powered fork raise and lower controlled with hand lever
  • Fork service range is 2-5/8" lowered to 12" raised
  • Forged steel forks are 4" wide x 36" long and painted black
  • Adjustable fork width between 8" minimum and 36" maximum
  • Usable width between outriggers is 50"
  • Overall size of unit is 79" wide x 68" long (including handle)
  • Pneumatic steer wheels are 13" diameter x 4" wide each
  • Drive wheels are 18" diameter x 8-1/2" wide each
  • Steering arc is 150°
  • Wheels include sealed bearings for outdoor use

Complies with ASME B56.1-2004

Gas Powered All Terrain Pallet Truck
Model Overall Length Capacity (lbs) @ 24" Load Center Fork Length Load Center Net Weight (lbs)
ALL-T-2-GPT 78" 2,000 36" 18" 1500
ALL-T-2-GPT-L 90" 2,000 48" 24" 1600
ALL-T-4-GPT 78" 4,000 36" 18" 1625
ALL-T-4-GPT-L 90" 4,000 48" 24" 1725
ALL-T-GPT-13HP 13.5 HP engine Factory upgrade 215
ALL-T-GPT-PRO Optional propane powered 150
ALL-T-GPT-PT Optional power tilt 265

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