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Hydraulic Corner Tilters

Hydraulic Corner Tilters

  Hydraulic Corner Tilters Features:
  • Smaller items tend to move to corner

  • Makes many Packing jobs easier/faster

  • Makes items easier for reach and pull

  • Tilt pallets, crates, boxes or baskets

  • Increase efficiency/productivity

  • Reduce repetitive motion injuries and fatigue

  • Economical/ Minimal maintenance

  • Water resistant push button control

  • 2 HP Motor, 208-230/460 Volt 3 Phase

Electric / Hydraulic Corner Tilters
Model PDFs Description Platform Size (WxL) Capacity (lbs) Degree of Tilt Wt. (lbs)
EMC-4242-2 Push Button Control 42"x42"x24" 2,000 30º 750
EMC-4242-4 Push Button Control 42"x42"x24" 4,000 30º 800
EMC-4848-2 Push Button Control 48"x48"x24" 2,000 30º 800
EMC-4848-4 Push Button Control 48"x48"x24" 4,000 30º 874

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