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Big Wheel Pallet Truck

The Big Wheel Pallet Truck uses less pushing or pulling force when transporting large heavy loads across floors. An alternative to fork trucks, this unit makes it easier to move loaded tubs weighing up to 4,500 uniform pounds (does not work with standard pallets).

The service range enables the pallet truck to service high bottom tubs. The Big Wheel Pallet Truck retains all of the quality workmanship of our other Pallet Master Pallet Trucks.

Steering Wheels are:

  • 77/8" x 2" Poly-on-Steel
  • Load Rollers are 3" x 3."
Big Wheel Pallet Truck
Model Overall Service Range Uniform Overall Fork Dim. Net Weight (lbs)
Fork Capacity
Size (WxL) (lbs.)
BW-PJ 26-3/4"x51-1/2" 5-1/2" to 15-1/4" 4,500 26-3/4"Wx51-1/2"L 299


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