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Extruded Rubber Bumper

 Extruded Rubber Bumper


 Extruded Rubber Bumper FeatureS:

Made of all weather and abrasion resistant rubber. The half-oval shape allows for effective fendering action over a wide radius. A metal plate is located inside 4" and 6" projection bumpers for support while the 2" unit comes with one washer per hole (this does not include the 120" long models). Custom lengths available up to 10 feet.  Installation hardware sold separately.


Extruded Rubber Bumpers
Type Model PDF Description Wt.
A M-2-12 2"Wx12"Lx1.75"H Extruded Bumper 2
A M-2-18 2"Wx18"Lx1.75"H Extruded Bumper 2
A M-2-24 2"Wx24"Lx1.75"H Extruded Bumper 3
A M-2-36 2"Wx36"Lx1.75"H Extruded Bumper 8
A M-2-120 2"Wx120"Lx1.75"H Extruded Bumper (No Holes) 12
B M-4-12 4.25"Wx12"Lx4"H Extruded Bumper 7
B M-4-18 4.25"Wx18"Lx4"H Extruded Bumper 12
B M-4-24 4.25"Wx24"Lx4"H Extruded Bumper 11
B M-4-36 4.25"Wx36"Lx4"H Extruded Bumper 18
B M-4-120 4.25"Wx120"Lx4"H Extruded Bumper (No Holes) 60
C M-6-12 6"Wx12"Lx6"H Extruded Bumper 11
C M-6-18 6"Wx18"Lx6"H Extruded Bumper 16
C M-6-24 6"Wx24"Lx6"H Extruded Bumper 20
C M-6-36 6"Wx36"Lx6"H Extruded Bumper 31
C M-6-120 6"Wx120"Lx6" (No Holes) 116
Anchor Bolts Hardware For Concrete Installation
(1) 3/8" x 3", Use with M-2 Series
(4) 3/8" x 3", Use with M-2 Series
(1) 5/8" x 3", Use with M-4 & M-6 Series
(4) 5/8" x 3", Use with M-4 & M-6 Series




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