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Fabricated Aluminum Hose & Cable Bridges

Fabricated Aluminum Hose & Cable Bridges

Fabricated Aluminum Hose & Cable Bridges FeatureS:

Fabricated Aluminum Hose and Cable Bridge protects hoses and cables from fork truck and other forms of traffic.  Constructed of light weight durable aluminum tread plate.  All welded.  The opening is available in spans of 4" to 16".  (3/8" thick plate)


Fabricated Aluminum Hose & Cable Crossovers
Model PDF's Overall Size
Usable Span
FHCR-24-36-4 24"x36" 4"x3" 2,000 33
FHCR-24-36-4-4H 24"x36" 4"x4" 2,000 83
FHCR-24-40-8 24"x40" 8"x3" 2,000 38
FHCR-24-40-8-4H 24"x40" 8"x4" 2,000 85
FHCR-24-44-12 24"x44" 12"x3" 2,000 39
FHCR-24-44-12-4H 24"x44" 12"x4" 2,000 43
FHCR-24-48-16 24"x48" 16"x3" 2,000 44
FHCR-24-48-16-4H 24"x48" 16"x4" 2,000 90
FHCR-48-36-4 48"x36" 4"x3" 2,000 60
FHCR-48-36-4-4H 48"x36" 4"x4" 2,000 121
FHCR-48-40-8 48"x40" 8"x3" 2,000 115
FHCR-48-40-8-4H 48"x40" 8"x4" 2,000 137
FHCR-48-44-12 48"x44" 12"x3" 2,000 132
FHCR-48-44-12-4H 48"x44" 12"x4" 2,000 129
FHCR-48-48-16 48"x48" 16"x3" 2,000 128
FHCR-48-48-16-4H 48"x48" 16"x4" 2,000 133





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