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Scissor Cart with Built-In Scale

Scissor Cart with Built-In Scale


Scissor Cart with Built-In Scale Features:

Ideal for parts counting, inventory rooms, or shipping weights at the loading dock. Provides an ergonomic workstation while sitting or standing.  Partially stainless steel carts are available. The platform, frame, handle, caster rigs, and hardware are all stainless steel. Pump assembly and scissor legs are zinc plated. Wheels are poly on poly.


Scissor Cart with Built-In Scale
Model PDFs Platform
Size (WxL)
Capacity (lbs)
 Steel Construction
CART-500-SCL 19-1/2"x32" 500 14" 38" 279
CART-1000-SCL 19-1/2"x32" 1,000 14" 38" 320
 Partially Stainless Steel Construction
CART-500-SCL-PSS 19-1/2"x32" 500 14" 38" 282



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