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Safety Gates – A Series

Our Safety Gates are easy to install and fit on all handrails. Industrial Manlifts (888)730-8377

Safety Gates - A Series


Safety Gates - A Series  Features:

This series of IML Safety Gates is available in carbon steel, as well as aluminum and stainless steel for special applications/environments. IML finishes include galvanized and environmentally-friendly safety yellow powder coated.

  • Easy to Install
  • Stainless Steel Spring
  • Positive Stop
  • Variety of IML Finishes
  • Fits on All Handrails
  • Mounts Left or Right


 A36 Carbon Steel Galvanized

Model No.      Fits Clear Opening*      Estimated Weight

   A71-16                 17-18.5”                         30 lbs.

   A71-18                 19-21.5’’                         31 lbs.

   A71-21                 22-24.5’’                         31 lbs.

   A71-24                 25-27.5’’                         32 lbs.

   A71-27                 28-30.5’’                         32 lbs.

   A71-30                 31-33.5’’                         33 lbs.

   A71-33                 34-36.5’’                         33 lbs.

   A71-36                 37-39.5’’                         34 lbs.

A36 Carbon Steel with Safety Yellow Powder Coat

Model No.      Fits Clear Opening*      Estimated Weight

 A71-16PC              17-18.5’’                         30 lbs.

 A71-18PC              19-21.5’’                         31 lbs.

 A71-21PC              22-24.5’’                         31 lbs.

 A71-24PC              25-27.5’’                         32 lbs.

 A71-27PC             28-30.5’’                          32 lbs.

 A71-30PC             31-33.5’’                          33 lbs.

 A71-33PC             34-36.5’’                          33 lbs.

 A71-36PC             37-39.5’’                          34 lbs.

*No adjustment when mounting at right angle; 1/4” inch allowed for pivot point


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