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Cylinder Cabinets

Cylinder Cabinets VCC models provide vertical storage with labeled compartmentsI Industrial Manlifts (888)730-8377

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Cylinder Cabinets

Cylinder Cabinets Description: These cabinets allow quick visual inventory control of fuel and gas cylinders while also providing organized storage that's secure from tampering or unauthorized access. They ship knocked down and assemble easily with the included EZY-ERECT hardware. Or opt for pre-assembled, or fully welded, or even custom configured units. Just send us your RFQ. Meet or exceed OSHA standards.

  • 13-gauge expanded metal construction with 1 1/2" diamonds is tough yet relatively lightweight.
  • HCC models provide horizontal storage for 4 to 16 tanks weighing up to 46 lbs. each.
  • VCC models provide vertical storage with labeled compartments for FULL and/or EMPTY cylinders.
  • Painted Safety Yellow with NO SMOKING warnings, per regulations.

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