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Hand Crank CJ-BEAM-PN

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Hand Crank CJ-BEAM-PN   Hand Crank CJ-BEAM-PN Features:   Ratchet Beam Jacks Model PDF’s Description Static Capacity (lbs) Lifting Capacity (lbs) Service Range Wheel Size & Ty

Hand Crank CJ-BEAM-PN


Hand Crank CJ-BEAM-PN Features:


Ratchet Beam Jacks
ModelPDF’sDescriptionStatic Capacity (lbs)Lifting Capacity (lbs)Service RangeWheel Size & TypeWt. (lbs.)
BFSJ-2748Big Foot Stabilizing Jack100,00040,00039-1/2″ to 51″10″ hard rubber162
LO-J-BEAMRatchet Beam Jack100,00040,00040″ to 51″10″x2″ hard rubber182
LO-J-BEAM-100Ratchet Beam Jack100,00050,00041″ to 51″10″x 2″ hard rubber205
SP-TOP-BEAMSpin Top Beam100,00040,00040″to51″10″x2″ hard rubber200
SP-TOP-BEAM-100Spin Top Beam100,00050,00040″to51″10″x4″ hard rubber207
H-LO-J-BEAMHydraulic Beam Jack100,00040,00041″ to 47″10″x2″ hard rubber175
CJ-BEAM-SNHand Crank100,00050,00041″ to 55″16″ Solid Foam238
CJ-BEAM-PNHand Crank100,00050,00041″ to 55″16″ fully pneumatic221
SJ-40Economy (Flat Base)50,0005,00044″ to 51″None44
LO-JRatchet Jack100,00040,00039″ to 51″10″ hard rubber137
HI-JRatchet100,00040,00045″ to 57″10″ hard rubber141
SP-TOPSpin Top100,00040,00039.5″ to 51″10″ hard rubber129
SP-TOP-RRatchet100,00040,00039″ to 51″10″ hard rubber138
SJ-35Economy (Rounded Base)50,0005,00044″ to 51″None39
SJ-35-2HEconomy50,0005,00044″ to 51″None39
SJ-35-EFEconomy50,0005,00041″to 57.5″8″ hard rubber102
Trailer Stabilizing Jacks Options
JACK-10050,000 lb. Lifting capacity (not available on SJ series)18
SJS-1012Aluminum Stabilizing trailers instruction sign1
SAJ-1012Aluminum Drivers beware instruction sign1

Industrial Manlifts is your aerial access solution provider. If you do not see the size you need, please contact one of our technical sales reps at 888-730-8377 for assistance. We can customize.

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