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Drum Storage Hard Top Container

Drum Storage Hard Top Container


Drum Storage Hard Top Container Features:

Store hazardous drums safely outdoors with pumps and funnels in place, Tall 2-3/4" head space easily accommodates rotary drum pumps and large conical funnels, Low profile (8-3/4") containment pallet positions drum-top funnels at safe, convenient level to pour hazardous wastes. Roll-top covers can be easily lifted from waist height to access drum tops -- no need to reach near ground level. Forkliftable, lockable, all polyethylene construction, will not rust or corrode.

Drum Storage Hard Top Container
Model Description Dimensions
Capacity Containment
Net Weight (lbs)
DSHRT-2 2 drum container 67-1/4"x41-1/4"x74" 4,500 66 gal. 260
DSHRT-4 4 drum container 64-1/2"x62"x79" 9,000 75 gal. 440



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