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Deluxe Roller Stands

Deluxe Roller Stands

Deluxe Roller Stands Features:

Designed for use as an extra hand when working with long materials. Each stand includes 2" chrome plated rollers and heavy-duty cast-steel base. Choose either v-groove roller design or flat single roller design. The height of each stand is adjusted with a friction lock screw or a gas charged cylinder. Great for use in machine and wood shops. Ships knockdown.

Model STAND-T is ideal for most tubing and bar stock applications. The STAND-T is infinitely adjustable from ½" - 6" on either side. Roller plates can also be inverted to create different offsets and to handle larger diameter tubing. Painted blue finish. Does not work with STAND-MF.

Deluxe Roller Stands
Model PDFs Description Service Range Capacity
 Manual Operation
STAND-H 14" Horizontal Roller 23" to 38-1/2" 1,760 32
STAND-V (2) 5" "V" Rollers (9" W across) 23" to 38-1/2" 1,760 35
STAND-H-HP 14" Horizontal Roller 27" to 42" 1,760 36
STAND-V-HP (2) 5" "V" Rollers (9" W across) 27" to 42" 1,760 36
 Gas Cylinder, Counter Balanced, Operation
STAND-G-H 14" Horizontal Roller 29" to 39-1/8" 1,760 40
STAND-G-V (2) 5" "V" Rollers (9" W across) 26" to 36" 1,760 40
STAND-G-H-HP 14" Horizontal Roller 33" to 43" 1,760 40
STAND-G-V-HP (2) 5" "V" Rollers (9" W across) 33" to 43" 1,760 42
 Multi-Function, 4-Way Roller, 2-Way Roller, Fixed
STAND-MF 11-1/4"x1.9" (8) Ball Rollers 27.5" to 44" 125 15
STAND-T “V” Shaped Stand Top (Ball Roller) 1-7/8” to 6-3/8" 300 12

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