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Construction Chutes

Construction Chutes

Construction Chutes Features:

Polyethylene trash chutes are the choice of suppliers & contractors throughout North America. Superb ease-of-use and durability provide a quick, clean, & safe solution. Our designs have been perfected to provide you with the right tool for debris removal. Ideal for; Builders, Roofers, Scaffolders, Masons, Demo Contractors, Supply Houses, Rental Stores, and Renovators. These tapered tubes attach quickly & easily to one another using built-in cable assemblies.

Entry Doors allow debris to be cleared from any floor level.  CC-30-MC is used for heavier debris, such as concrete, and CC-30-TC is used for lighter debris, such as shingles. Use Basic Support Frame and Parapet Outrigger when supporting from top of roof.

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