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Boiler Access Spandeck System

Boiler Access Spandeck System is a lightweight aluminium walkway. Industrial Manlifts (888)730-8377

Boiler Access Spandeck System


Boiler Access Spandeck System Features:


Boiler Access Spandeck System is a lightweight aluminium walkway and decking system spanning up to 9m and providing a safe work platform between Snap-out towers. Its unique reversible design and double sided hooks allow it to be used individually as a catwalk, or side by side.


Boiler Access Spandeck System Specifications:

Spandeck is a lightweight aluminium walkway, bridging and decking system in one versatile unit. Its unique reversible design allows it to be used individually as a walkway or side by side as decking and work platforms.

High strength aluminium alloy construction ensures Spandeck is lightweight and remains maintenance free whilst integral toeboards enable it to be used safely as a walkway. Guardrails are fitted to provide a safe working environment.

Spandeck aluminium walkways can be inverted and placed side by side to create large deck areas spanning from 1 metre up to 9.1 metre.



Boiler Access Spandeck System 1

Boiler Access Spandeck System 1


Spandeck aluminium walkways can also be used in conjunction with scaffold towers to provide a stable, non-slip decking and bridging platform. Spandeck is used primarily to provide both permanent and temporary walkway and platform access solutions. There are in fact endless walkway/decking applications where Spandeck is used.

Endless Applications

  • Maintenance walkways in pharmaceutical, food processing plants, sport arenas, retail outlets and waste water treatment plants
  • Catwalks or Staging units in petrochemical plants and dance floors in power generation plants.
  • Roof & Gutter access / Edge protection in stadiums, studios, industrial plants and listed buildings.
  • Permanent high level access installation in TV studios, factory roofs, shopping centres, atriums, theatres and hospitals.
  • Bridging and suspended walkway platforms in swimming pools and sports stadiums.


spandeck 1

spandeck 1



Market & User Types

Spandecks versatility and numerous application have seen

– Architects                               – Roofing Contractors       – Quantity Surveyors

– Operations Managers         – Project Engineers            – Contract Managers

use the product for providing both permanent and temporary walkway solutions.

Whatever the application Spandeck walkways are designed specifically to give you higher performance than traditional site-fabricated products. For the professional access provider, whether selling or renting, Instant Spandeck aluminium walkways can provide excellent utilisation and an extremely high return on investment.

We offer a full quotation support service, including proposal drawings and site surveys. Installation supervision is also part of the quotation package.

Benefits of Spandeck Walkway Systems

  • It’s a standard access product yet provides an instant solution to tailored walkway and platform challenges.
  • Using lightweight aluminium alloy means it is incredibly strong, and highly durable, non-corroding with zero maintenance.
  • Can be factory designed and prefabricated to provide a cost effective solution.
  • Durable solution lasting decades in rain forest applications with zero maintenance ensure an excellent payback on investment.
  • A Service and Support package that extends worldwide and every Spandeck walkway has a full ten year manufacture guarantee giving you unbeatable product quality assurance.


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