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Maintenance And Safety Tips For Passenger Lifts, Stairs And Boarding Bridges

December 9, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

The right maintenance of stairs, boarding bridges and passenger lifts is pivotal to cut down risks of injuries to passengers. Not just this, the right maintenance will also ensure that your equipment lasts long and gives you the ROI you expect.

1In this blog post, our technicians shed light on a few simple but important tips you can use to ensure that your equipment stays operational at all times:

  • Wash everything first thing. It is a good idea to only choose steam cleaning as it will help break down any grease buildups to identify potential problems.
  • Inspect all welded spots across the boarding bridges and stairs. If you notice any cracks or breakage, make sure you repair it there and then.
  • Inspect all equipment and look for cuts or holes.
  • Regularly inspect tire pressure and condition to avoid last minute problems.
  • If the equipment uses stabilizing structures or legs, make sure it is leveled at all points. Any points that seem to be lowering gradually should be inspected and repaired before use.
  • Make sure all the equipment is at appropriate levels.
  • Double check locking mechanisms to ensure they are working properly.
  • Inspect and replace any wiring that looks damaged.
  • If the tires seem to be going bald or look frail, make sure you change them before letting passengers use the equipment.
  • Use the equipment yourself and reinstall all lights that are not working.
  • If any of the equipment uses braking mechanisms, don’t forget to check the brakes before use.
  • All hydraulic systems should be regularly inspected to avoid chances of leaks.
  • If any markings or safety decals are missing, reinstall them before opening the platforms for use.
  • All stairs should have gripping tape installed on them.
  • Ensure all bumpers are in place and there is no exposed piece of metal to prevent damage to the aircraft.
  • All the units must be inspected, repaired and painted once a year.
  • Remember to guide passengers on the right usage of these units.

Your passengers are your responsibility and if the right precautions are not taken the chances of injuries to passengers could easily outweigh the money invested in the equipment.

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