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Improve Efficiency With Truck-Mounted Work Platforms

May 9, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

Improve Efficiency With Truck-Mounted Work Platforms

Improve Efficiency With Truck-Mounted Work Platforms

Truck-mounted work platforms, also known as vehicle mounted or aerial work platforms, elevating work platform or mobile elevating work platform, have become extremely popular over the years. They are used in general construction, warehousing, shipping and logistics, aviation, manufacturing, civil engineering and construction, emergencies including the fire departments, law enforcement and also in disaster management and rescue operations.

Truck mounted work platforms have a plethora of benefits. In many cases, they are almost imperative. You cannot have anything but truck mounted work platforms to get the job done. You cannot have fixed setups. You cannot manually construct a setup to facilitate and act as the foundation. You cannot use natural or existing structures as your foundation. Only truck mounted work platforms or vehicle mounted elevating platforms will be of relevance.

Of the many benefits of such infrastructure, one of the key impacts is on efficiency. You can significantly improve efficiency with truck-mounted work platforms. Let us check out the myriad ways you can do so.

  • An obvious advantage of these platforms is mobility. You can easily move the truck mounted work platform from one site to another. There is a limited or scheduled period of time when you need such infrastructure at a given site or specific location. Once the job is done, you need it somewhere else. With fixed or installed systems, you would have to dismantle the setup and then set it up again somewhere else. With truck mounted work platforms, you can simply drive the vehicle to the exact spot and get started. This is quintessential in many verticals, especially in emergencies. This is also significant in construction, shipping, manufacturing and warehousing among others. You can save a lot of time, a ton of effort and money.


  • The entire scope of operations of truck mounted work platforms would make your operations more efficient. State of the art truck mounted work platforms come with a plethora of helpful features. For instance, you can work at twenty feet, thirty feet, fifty feet or even at a height of a hundred feet, depending on the choice of truck mounted work platform. There are hydraulic triggers and manual triggers that you can use to set up the system. Once set up, many truck mounted work platforms would allow you to rotate, move and even tilt the platform if needed. There are telescopic booms, jibs or fly booms, platform rotation and many other maneuvering features which make such setups very flexible. And that is attained without compromising on any aspect of safety. While working at a certain height or altitude, flexibility or being able to maneuver the platform comes in very handy. Fixed platforms don’t offer such a luxury. The ability to affect the area accessible to the workers on the platform will reduce the time needed to get a job done, the job done would be better and there would be fewer risks or challenges. From every aspect, the maneuverability of truck mounted work platforms is a significant and game changing attribute.


  • Truck mounted work platforms don’t always require the ideal setting. It is quite possible that you don’t have a perfect terrain or a desirable environment to work. There could be issues on the ground, obstructions in scaling the heights or the surroundings may not be ideally conducive. You can still manage to overcome these challenges with truck mounted work platforms. There are special models that can stand strong and hoist the platform despite the terrain being unpleasant.


  • Truck mounted work platforms come in a variety of designs and you can pick and choose the features that you need to get a particular type of job done. You can choose the working height, you can opt for the platform capacity depending on how many workers you would have atop and then you can add the load bearing capacity. Such platforms can bear anywhere from four thousand pounds to well above ten thousand pounds. Of course there are smaller models as well. Not every operation requires such a massive threshold. You can choose the width and overall size of the platform to determine if all your tools, equipment and more importantly the manpower would be comfortably hosted. You can also opt for some special features given the specific needs of your operation.

Truck mounted work platforms can be operated by batteries, petrol or diesel and a combination of different energy sources. Considering the independent source of energy which doesn’t depend on fixed infrastructure, it is very handy in areas when there is no power supply or there is an outage. There are many state of the art elements that you can expect from contemporary truck mounted work platforms which don’t just assure safety, convenience and improved efficiency but even the scope of the work you can do would be larger and more diverse.