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Railroad Car Chocks

Railroad Car Chocks


Railroad Car Chocks Features:

These Rail Chocks fit most standard size rails.  Double side flanges keep chock(s) on track.  Four hardened steel spurs, located on the bottom side of the chock, are used to maximize a non-slip positive grip.  Handle projection 36".   Handle height is 14".  The support legs on some models are used to balance the flag rail chocks and are adjustable up to 14" in height.  Aluminum "Chock Your Wheels" sign is visible from both sides.  All welded steel construction provides for durability and long life.  High-visibility safety yellow finish.

Rail Car Chocks & Mover
Model PDF Description Wt.
FRC-2 Flag Rail chock w/adjustable height leg 10
SRC-1 Single Rail Chock 8
SRC/FRC Single Rail Chock/Flag Rail Chock Combo 18
SRC/SRC Single Rail Chock/Single Rail Chock Combo 15


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