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Portable Electric Infrared Heaters

Portable Electric Infrared Heaters


Portable Electric Infrared Heaters Features:

Provide instant, odor-free heat for indoor and outdoor workstations and warehouse areas. Economical electric infrared heat warms only persons and objects, not the air volume. Durable U-Shaped heavy duty metal sheath heating elements are designed with an imbedded nichrone coil.

All models have gold anodized aluminum reflectors, weather-tight terminal box, protective wire screens, and reinforced front edge and corner construction. heaters can be adjusted on the hand cat to operate in a horizontal or vertical position for maximizing the infrared heating pattern. Carts consists of a rugged steel design and are equipped with 6" rubber wheels, twin hand grips and factory wired for three phase, but can be converted to single phase.


Portable Electric Infrared Heat Panels
Model PDF Overall Size
Heated Area
Voltage AMPS Heat
PIHP-4 44-5/8"x56-1/2" 40"x44" 240 20 4 114
PIHP-6 66-5/8"x56-1/2" 61"x44" 240 26.7 4 138
PIHP-11 66-5/8"x80-1/2" 61"x77" 240 46.7" 7 225




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