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Multi-Purpose Ramps

Multi-Purpose Ramps

Multi-Purpose Ramps Features:

• Holes located on each side to attach multiple units
• MPR series can be mounted permanently

High impact ramps are perfect for a variety of work environments;postal routes, schools, hospitals, warehouses and delivery routes. These ramps make it simple to move loads onto a curb or over hoses and cables. The textured non-skid surface allows for sure footing on the incline and decline. The lightweight and completely portable unit handles hand trucks and other wheeled equipment with ease.


Multi-Purpose Ramps
Model PDF's Material Width Length Height Capacity (lbs) Wt. (lbs)
MPR-2310-G Plastic 23.75" 10-1/2" 3.6875" 5,000 6
MPR-2313-G Plastic 23.75" 13.25" 5-1/2" 5,000 7
MPR-2410 Plastic 23.8125" 10.625" 3.875" 5,000 6
MRR-2310 Rubber 23.25" 10.25" 3.5625" 5,000 18
MPR-10-KIT Optional bridge kit to attach two MPR-2310-G, MPR-2410 or MRR-2310 units to form hose & cable bridge configuration 5
MPR-13-KIT Optional bridge kit to attach two MPR-2313-G
units to form hose & cable bridge configuration



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