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Multi-Purpose Dollies

 Multi-Purpose Dollies


 Multi-Purpose Dollies Features:

These multi-purpose dollies have a high polished bright zinc finish for
corrosion resistance and (4) 3" x 1¼" swivel casters. Each unit comes with a 4 foot long nylon pull strap that helps in transporting down aisles or over thresh holds. Rubber-coated hook allows strap to hook on top of drum for storage
Quad Dolly, series DRUM-QUAD, can transport a 5 gallon pail, 30 or 55 gallon drum or LP gas tank. Available with hard rubber or cast iron wheels.  
Stainless Steel, model DRUM-QUAD-CS-SS, also available.
Tri Dolly, series DRUM-TRI, will transport 5 gallon pails, 30 gallon drums or LP gas tank.


Multi-Purpose Drum Dollies
Model PDF Description Caster
DRUM-QUAD-H Bright Zinc Finish Hard Rubber 900 22
DRUM-QUAD-C Bright Zinc Finish Cast Iron 1,200 24
DRUM-QUAD-CS-SS Stainless Steel Hard Rubber 900 24
DRUM-TRI-H Bright Zinc Finish Hard Rubber 900 19
DRUM-TRI-C Bright Zinc Finish Cast Iron 1,200 22



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