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Miscella Distillation

The purpose of distillation is to thermally separate the miscella into a liquid oil fraction and solvent vapour fraction. The energy efficiency of distillation is maximized through optimum use of the available heat in the discharge vapour stream from the Desolventizer Toaster, available heat from the condensate flash tank, and heat recovery within distillation itself. We optimizes the sizing and design of the distillation equipment to achieve optimum efficiency.

Miscella Distillation(Vacuum Evaporation) Process:

The liquid(miscella) from the extractor is the mixture of grease and solvent. Separation principle:
The solvent is separated out of the miscella, utilizing different vaporization temperatures between solvent and grease.
Currently, the vacuum evaporation is the main technology in oil processing, it can reduce solvent leakage and solvent consumption. The separated solvent vapour is cooled and recycled back to the extractor for recycling, so it improves the solvent efficiency.

Advantages of Vacuum Evaporation:

1. High efficiency, thorough desolventizing, low solvent consumption in crude oil.
2. Take DTDC secondary steam and the residual gas from the steam jut pump as the heat source of 1st steam, which can save energy, reduce the condenser configuration area and the investment as well.
3. The crude oil features light color, good quality and low residual solvent because of the low temperature of the steam stripping. 4. Uniform miscella flow to save steam: Ample sized miscella tank to act as a buffer after extractor to insure smooth flow through distillation and therefore minimize second stage evaporator steam

Features Of Distillation:

1. Perfect distillation effect: Distillation can lower vaporization temperature, avoiding the accompaniments’ decomposition in the distillation process and minimizing tube fouling and cleaning frequency, so the final crude oil features with light color and high quality.
2. Maximum heat recovery to save steam: Use of recovered flash steam from Desolventizer and the exhaust vapour from steam jet pump as the heat source of the 1st evaporation, which can save energy and investment, reducing the condenser configuration area.
3. Low residual solvent with thorough desolventizing.



  • The purpose of distillation is to thermally separate the miscella into a liquid oil fraction and solvent vapour fraction.

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