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Massage & Heat Cushion

Massage & Heat Cushion

Massage & Heat Cushion Features:

Unique product designed for operator massage & heat for better comfort during long sitting periods. Includes 12V cigarette plug, home adapter and fork truck adapter for use in fork trucks, cars and office chairs. LCD hand held control provides nice visual for user to recognize different massage and heat settings. Automatic shut-off times of 10, 20 and 30 minutes. Adjustable intensity with eight modes for different massage settings. Cushion is attached to seat with elastic straps.


Massage & Heat Cushion
Model PDFs Seat Size
Back Size
Massage Heater Wt.
CUSH-M 20"x18" 20"x29" YES NO 5
CUSH-M-H 20"x18" 20"x29" YES YES 5



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