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Heavy-Duty Fiberglass Walk Ramps

Heavy-Duty Fiberglass Walk Ramps


Heavy-Duty Fiberglass Walk Ramps FeatureS:

Load and unload equipment from trucks using these Heavy Duty Fiberglass Walk Ramps. Reinforced fiberglass construction provides up to 5,000 pounds capacity. Abrasive surface provides good traction either wet or dry. 1" high curb on each side of ramp. Not for use with fork trucks or pallet trucks.

Heavy Duty Fiberglass Walkramps
Model Overall Width Overall Length Capacity (lbs) Max Working Height Net Weight (lbs)
FWR-3010-50 30" 10' 3,000 30" 124
FWR-3012-50 30" 12' 3,000 35" 161
FWR-3610-50 36" 10' 3,000 30" 156
FWR-3612-50 36" 12' 3,000 35" 180
FWR-3614-50 36" 14' 3,000 45" 204



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