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Dunnage Racks

Dunnage Racks


Dunnage Racks Features:

Choose between our original vented grid-top Dunnage-Rack™ or its solid-top twin, available in all the same sizes and configurations. Dunnage-Racks™ are made tough with strong, durable, high-density polyethylene. They are waterproof and resistant to gas, solvents and most industrial chemicals. Just push in the included legs and Dunnage-Rack™ will go to work immediately, no tools required!

Dunnage Racks

Model PDF Description Overall Size
DRP-V-3624 Vented Top 36"x24"x12" 500 13
DRP-V-3636 Vented Top 36"x36"x12" 750 22
DRP-V-4824 Vented Top 48"x24"x12" 700 19
DRP-V-6624 Vented Top 66"x24"x12" 1000 23
DRP-V-6636 Vented Top 66"x36"x12" 1500 37
DRP-V-9624 Vented Top 96"x24"x12" 1400 34
DRP-V-9636 Vented Top 96"x36"x12" 2000 53
DRP-S-3624 Solid Top 36"x24"x12" 700 17
DRP-S-3636 Solid Top 36"x36"x12" 1000 26
DRP-S-4824 Solid Top 48"x24"x12" 900 21
DRP-S-6624 Solid Top 66"x24"x12" 1400 28
DRP-S-6636 Solid Top 66"x36"x12" 1900 49
DRP-S-9624 Solid Top 96"x24"x12" 1800 41
DRP-S-9636 Solid Top 96"x36"x12" 2700 64

Industrial Manlifts is your aerial access solution provider. If you do not see the size you need, please contact one of our technical sales reps at 727-490-8839 for assistance. We can customize.


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