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Carton Flow Rack

Carton Flow Rack

Carton Flow Rack Features:

Cartons are gravity fed on rollers for convenient first in / first out stock rotating. Choose the quantity of levels that best fits your application. Each level has 1,000 pound capacity and includes four pairs of rollers with 50 pounds per foot capacity. The width of each level is 96". All models are 84" high. Assembly required. Units can be bolted together for additional depth


Carton Flow Rack
Model Width of Overall Overall Quantity of Wt.
Levels Height Depth Flow Levels (lbs)
FLOW-3-3 96" 84" 36" 3 311
FLOW-3-4 96" 84" 36" 4 388
FLOW-3-5 96" 84" 36" 5 429
FLOW-4-3 96" 84" 48" 3 373
FLOW-4-4 96" 84" 48" 4 407
FLOW-4-5 96" 84" 48" 5 474
FLOW-WD-36 Wooden top shelf, 36" deep, 1,000 lb. cap (including braces) 89
FLOW-WD-48 Wooden top shelf, 48" deep, 1,000 lb. cap (including braces) 99


Industrial Manlifts is your aerial access solution provider. If you do not see the size you need, please contact one of our technical sales reps at 888-730-8377 for assistance. We can customize.


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