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Crew Access Stands

Crew Access Stands


This crew access stand is designed to accommodate the opening arcs of most aircraft doors. That means you will only need one to reach most aircrafts. Efficient, prevents falls and it’s economical. The guardrails in back are angled to fit close to the door ensuring better safety. Steel construction with multiple support beams means this piece of equipment is in it for the long haul. Safety yellow finish makes it stand out also. Staircase has handrails and slip-resistant steps. At the top, a large platform with guardrails and padded platform edge to protect the plane’s exterior. IML specializes in crew access stands and other aviation fall prevention equipment.


Safe and Efficient Crew Access

  • Steel construction with safety yellow finish.
  • 42" handrails on platform with angled rear handrails for a close fit to the aircraft.
  • Thick neoprene rubber padding protects the fuselage from scratches and other damage by the platform.
  • 45-degree staircase slope.
  • 9-1/2" deep steps with slip-resistant treads.
  • 5" front swivel casters ensure maximum mobility even in tight spaces.
  • 12" rear wheels.
  • 2 leveling jacks.

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