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Bin Storage Cabinets

Bin Storage Cabinets


Bin Storage Cabinets Features:

The Bin Storage Cabinets are designed for high density storage and organization of parts. These cabinets offer easy accessibility to contents while maintaining cleanliness and security.

Available in three sizes: 60"wide, 48" wide and 36" wide, each with different configurations of bins and/or shelves. Bins are made of a durable polyethylene with molded-in back hook for secure hanging. Front edges are lowered for better visibility and easier part picking. When not in use bins can be stacked on shelves, worktables, carts, or other flat surfaces. *Back and door louvered panels for customized configurations (shelves and bins not included).

Bin Storage Cabinets
Model PDF Total # of Bins Bin Style A Qty. Bin Style B Qty. Bin Style C Qty. Bin Style D Qty. Bin Style E Qty. Shelf Qty. Overall Size
VSC-3501-132 132 48 48 18 12 6 0 36"x24"x72" 422
VSC-3501-102 102 48 48 0 0 6 3 36"x24"x72" 468
VSC-3501-NB Custom Custom Custom Custom Custom Custom Custom 36"x24"x72" 337
VSC-JC-171 171 64 64 24 13 6 0 48"x24"x78" 540
VSC-JC-137 137 64 64 0 3 6 3 48"x24"x78" 570
VSC-JC-NB Custom Custom Custom Custom Custom Custom Custom 48"x24"x78" 4445
VSC-SSC-227 227 80 90 30 18 9 0 60"x24"x84" 680
VSC-SSC-185 185 80 90 0 6 9 3 60"x24"x84" 910
VSC-SSC-NB Custom Custom Custom Custom Custom Custom Custom 60"x24"x84" 758

 Hook-On Bins

VSPB-3021 (A) Sold in 24 Pack units 4-3/16"x5-7/16"x3" 15
VSPB-3022 (B) Sold in 24 Pack units 4-3/16"x7-7/16"x3" 16
VSPB-3023 (C) Sold in 12 Pack units 5-1/2"x11-3/8"x5" 16
VSPB-3024 (D) Sold in 12 Pack units 8-1/4"x14-5/8"x7" 17
VSPB-3025 (E) Sold in 6 Pack units 16-3/4"x14-5/8"x7" 18


VBSH-6018 Adjustable Shelves for VSC-SSC series 59-1/2"x16-3/8" 25
VBSH-4818 Adjustable Shelves for VSC-JC series 47-1/2"x16-3/8" 23
VBSH-3618 Adjustable Shelves for VSC-3501 series 35-1/2"x16-3/8" 17

Industrial Manlifts is your aerial access solution provider. If you do not see the size you need, please contact one of our technical sales reps at 888-730-8377 for assistance. We can customize.


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