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Cylinder Storage Cabinets

Cylinder Storage Cabinets


Cylinder Storage Cabinets Features:

Steel cabinets for storage of cylinders.  Cylinder storage capacity is based on cylinder size.  Sides are made of expanded steel mesh. Top is made of solid sheet steel. Lockable doors protect cylinders (padlock not included). Base includes lag holes for securing cylinders. 

Vertical units include chains for securing cylinders. Includes red lettered signage noting “Flammable” contents. Meets NFPA 58 and OSHA sec. 1910.110 design standards. Rugged steel construction with safety yellow finish. Powder coat finish on unassembled units.

Cylinder Storage Cabinets (For USA)
Model Overall Size Type Wt.
(WxLxH) (lbs)
 Horizontal Storage Cabinets
CYL-H-4-KD 30"x 32"x 35-1/4" Unassembled 234
CYL-H-8-KD 30"x 32"x 68-1/4" Unassembled 341
CYL-H-12-KD 45"x 32"x 68-1/4" Unassembled 358
CYL-H-16-KD 60"x 32"x 68-1/4" Unassembled 495
CYL-H-4 30"x 32"x 35-1/4" Assembled 181
CYL-H-8 30"x 32"x 68-1/4" Assembled 277
CYL-H-12 45"x 32"x 68-1/4" Assembled 358
CYL-H-16 60"x 32"x 68-1/4" Assembled 527
 Vertical Storage Cabinets
CYL-V-4-KD 30" x 32" x 35-1/4" Unassembled 220
CYL-V-510-KD 30" x 32" x 68-1/4" Unassembled 287
CYL-V-1020-KD 60"x 32"x 68-1/4" Unassembled 456
CYL-V-4 30" x 32"x 35-1/4" Assembled 220
CYL-V-510 30" x 32"x 68-1/4" Assembled 287
CYL-V-1020 60"x 32"x 68-1/4" Assembled 456
CYL-H8-V510 60"x 32"x 68-1/4" Assembled 505
CYL-H8-V510-KD 60" x 32" x 68-1/4" Unassembled 505



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