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Air Hydraulic Carts

Air Hydraulic Carts


Air Hydraulic Carts Features:

Features two speed foot pump and a hand held reciprocating air/oil power to raise the platform. Utilize the two speed foot pump for minor height adjustments and the factory air/oil power for effortless lifting of up to 2,000 pounds.


Air Hydraulic Carts
Model PDF's Platform Size (WxL) Capacity (lbs) Service Range Caster
AIR-800-D 20"x35-1/2" 800 15"to51" 5"x1-1/2" 272
AIR-800-D-PSS 20"x35-1/2" 800 13-3/4"to51" 5"x1-1/2" 267
AIR-1000 19-3/4"x32-1/2" 1,000 15-3/4"to35-1/2" 5"x1-1/2" 180
AIR-1000-LD 31-1/2"x63" 1,000 12-1/8"to35-1/2" 5"x1-1/2" 318
AIR-1500-D 24"x47-1/4" 1,500 19-1/2"x67" 6"x1-1/2" 538
AIR-1500-D-PSS 24"x47-1/4" 1,500 19-1/2"x67" 6"x1-1/2" 515
AIR-1750 20"x39-1/2" 1,750 14-1/4"to39-1/2" 6"x1-1/2" 270
AIR-1750-PSS 20"x39-1/2" 1,750 14-1/4"to39-1/2" 6"x1-1/2" 264
AIR-2000 24"x47-1/4" 2,000 15"to39-1/2" 6"x1-1/2" 400
AIR-2000-PSS 24"x47-1/4" 2,000 15"to39-1/2" 6"x1-1/2" 394
AIR-1000-LD-PSS 31-1/2"x63" 1,000 12-1/8" to 35-1/2" 5"x1-1/2" 340
AIR-1000-PSS 19-3/4"x32-1/2" 1,000 15-3/4"to35-1/2" 6"x2" 181



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