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Air Corner Tilter

Air Corner Tilter


Air Corner Tilter Features:

The Air Corner Tilter provides ergonomic loading and unloading of bulk containers, gaylords or crates.  Allows two wall accessibility with both pallet jacks and fork trucks.  Constructed of 7 gauge steel, this heavy duty unit has a maximum rated capacity of 1,500 lbs.  and can tilt up to 45º. 

The tilter is activated by a hand operated control lever or optional foot pedal.  By adjusting the air regulator to a predetermined pressure, the air bag inflates tilting the container automatically as it is unloaded.  As the container becomes lighter, it automatically tilts and the material shifts to the corner of the container where it can be easily removed by manual or mechanical means.  The adjustable regulator is factory preset to begin rotating the container when the weight reaches approximately 900 lbs.  Pressure is easily adjustable for the weight of your application.



  • 45° Tilt
  • Base Size 71"W x 52"D
  • Multi-ply air bag
  • Three position manually operated air valve to activate air bag
  • Adjustable air line filter/regulator assembly
  • Adjustable vacuum wand holder (3-1/2" ID) (not shown)
  • Vibrator mounting pad


  • Vibrator (Pneumatic)
  • Foot operated air valve
  • Patented pneumatic safety ratchet

Minimum Requirements

  • 40 psi shop air


Air Corner Tilter
Model PDF's Description Capacity
AIR-THL 44"Wx44"L hand lever operated 1,500 460
AIR-TFP 44"Wx44"L foot treadle operated 1,500 460
AIR-PVO Power Vibrator Option --- 30




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